Partner Up!

Enjoying all that the NCSA does to promote the sport? Think your company could benefit from sponsoring/advertising with the league? Want to simply get involved to keep students athletes playing the sport they love? Well, CONTACT US and tell us and maybe together we can make the NCSA and your bottom line even better than it already is!


Official Bat Provider of the NCSA

All NCSA member teams have been given the opportunity to order additional Marucci bats and products at exclusive pricing!  Contact Tom @ the NCSA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x112

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Official Rental Car of the NCSA

The National Club Softball Association is excited to be partnering with Avis as the official car rental provider of the National Club Softball Association. All teams will receive discounted pricing on all their vehicles. Avis will also waive all underage fees. Contact Eric @ the NCSA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x101

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Motel 6

Official Lodging Partner of the NCSA

Motel 6 features more than 1,200 locations across the United States. Not only will NCSA teams have many options at their disposal, Motel 6 will also discount their rates by 10% to all NCSA teams! Contact Tom @ the NCSA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x110

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Official Fundraising Platform of the NCSA

NCSA teams have the opportunity to create a free online campaign to begin accepting donations instantaneously. Teams will create a front page detailing who they are with pictures and other important info surrounding their team. From there they can share the page all over social media to reach potential donors. Contact Tom with the NCSA to learn more! or at 412-321-8440 x110

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The Game

Official Headwear Provider of the NCSA

The National Club Softball Association is excited to be partnering with The Game as the Official Headwear Provider of the NCSA. All NCSA teams can purchase all of The Game’s products at exclusive pricing – everything from baseball caps, to visors to beanies. All products will feature the NCSA logo and can be fully customized. Contact Felicia @ the NCSA to learn more! or 412-321-8440 x107

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Rawlings Sporting Goods

The Official Uniform/Apparel, Equipment & Softball Provider of the NCSA

All NCSA teams can receive AT LEAST 35% off all uniforms, equipment & apparel through Rawlings. All uniforms & apparel are fully customizable to cater to any schools team names, logo’s or players name or number. NCSA teams can also order additional game or practice softballs at exclusive pricing. Teams interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Justin Rickert at the NCSA! or at 412-321-8440 x111.

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