Tracy Reardon

Great American Regional Director

E-mail: [email protected]

Tracy has grown up around a softball diamond for as far back as she can remember. She was born and raised on Long Island and started playing little league at the age of 5 as the only girl on her team. Being the only girl on her little league team for her first few years all she wanted to do was prove that she could play ball with the rest of them. This sparked the excitement and passion for competing at elite levels such as Williamsport through the NCSA. All of this along with being part of a team is why she decided to dedicate her four years at SUNY Cortland to pursuing a BS degree in Sport Management. Besides classes, Tracy was a Resident Assistant as well as a member of the Cortland Softball Club. After making the regional tournament at Penn State her first season with the program, she realized that this was an amazing organization to be a part of. During Tracy’s summers off from school as well as the year after she graduated she completed 6 internships with teams such as the New York Jets, New York Lizards and organizations such as Walt Disney World, Clearwater Parks and Recreation and Molloy College Athletics. Tracy was recently hired on at CollClubSports to be the Director of Team Development, Assistant Director of Spring Training Operations as well as the Fundraising Sponsor Account Manager for the NCSA. She is excited to be able to assist teams and programs like the one she used to be a part of and believes that it will be an extremely rewarding position.